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IAP containment issues

When we turn on wired and or wireless containment on our IAP's our MS DHCP scopes generate "bad addresses". Once the bad addresses start they don't stop and can fill a scope pretty quickly and prevent wireless clients from connecting. On one occasion we've traced this back to a Mac client running in bridged mode but most of the time we can't determine the cause. The only way to get around this to turn off both wired and wireless containment which we obviously don't want to do.


Wondering if anyone else has experienced this or knows what would cause this.  

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Re: IAP containment issues

spent some more time troubleshooting this it appears we only have the DHCP "bad address" issue when wired containment is on. We have over 100 IAPS sites and we've experienced this system at, at least 20 different sites (three alone this week).


We're running on all our IAPS.


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