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IAP in Mesh

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I have a site with two buildings. One side has the cable modem with two IAP's and the other side just has 2 IAP's. The two buildings are connected via 5Ghz mesh link.  All the AP's dhcp a 10.1.1.X address off of the cable modem and I have an entry for the virtual controller for Everything works great (until the power goes out in one or both of the buildings).


When the site looses power (which unfortunately happes often) it would apear that each building comes up separately and each one forms a 2 AP cluster (instead of 4) and an AP in each of the buildings claims the virtual address. The 5Ghz mesh link across the two buildings never forms and Bld A works because they have the modem on their side and Bld B goes down.


To fix this problem we must go to Bld B and unplug both AP's. Then we bring up the AP-104 on it own and it joins via the mesh link. After it is up we plug in the AP-175 and it then also joins the cluster.


So is there a way to stop this from happening?  Is there a different way I should configure this?


Re: IAP in Mesh

My first thought is whether you'd be better off with two swarms which connect over mesh, rather than one swarm meshing in the middle. I suppose you have two swarms connected over mesh when its broken anyway.


Can you redesign the relationships so that remote swarm manages itself and just uses the mesh as an uplink?

Or find a slow to reconnect power gizmo which would delay the remote APs powering up until after the cable-modem side APs are up.


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Re: IAP in Mesh

Can you describe how the two IAPs are connected together in the building that does not have the cable modem?  Are they wired together using their eth0 port?  Is eth0 bridging configured on any of these APs?

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