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IAP issue

Hi all.

Today,my custome have a 100 person meeting.And,there is 2 IAP(93 105)and 2 other factory's fat ap.It's a temporarily meeting so they ask me for help,and what i have are all these devices.

For an instance,IAP 93 get an ip address A,the clinets who get ip address from IAP 93‘s own dhcp server,if the client want to access the out network,the traffic is nated to the ip address A and then access the internet.

Ohters' ap all the same mode,then tragic is on.I don't know why the 2 IAP seems are in the same virtual group and there are 35 clients on a IAP the other have only a client. All people complain that they can't access the internet well.

I think, in theory,one ap should have a good performance when the clinets are under 30,why in my case,the performance is so awful.

Can 4 AP have good performance for 100 user?
How to layout the network to have the best performance?
Any help or suggestion will be appreciated.
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IAP's with lots of users

I had a similar design issue awhile back with 150 users and five IAP's. Many of the users were ipad connections and they connected to essentially only one of the five IAP's since they were all close to that IAP. There are a couple of things you can try to encourage clients to connect to a particular IAP but realize in the end the client decides.

I would space the IAP's apart from each other and have your clients spaced apart from each other as well. Then go into the IAP gui and decrease the signal strength. That should encourage the clients to connect to the closest IAP. Assuming your clients and IAP's are equally spread out, you should get better results than leaving the signal at the default setting.

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