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IAP to RAP conversion, why do I need two steps?

Hello everyone,


First of all, I will slightly describe my infrastructure. We have 4 Mobility Controllers:


  • An Aruba 7210 with ArubaOS, acting as the Master in a group which includes two local Aruba 6000. Apart from this group, An Aruba 3200XM running ArubaOS The configuration of both environments is almost identical.
  • Regarding to APs, I use the following models: AP-68, IAP-93 and IAP-103.

We want to configure all of them as RAPs and, in fact, we can. But our problem is that we cannot convert IAPs to RAPs directly if we use the Aruba 3200XM. We do not know why it is not working. I mean:


  • When using an AP-68, it works as RAP with all the controllers. No problem here.
  • When using an IAP-93, I can make the conversion to RAP easily, just including the MAC Address of the AP in the whitelist of the Aruba 7210 controller. But, if I want the same AP to function as RAP with the 3200XM, I have to convert it to CAP first and then do a new conversion to RAP through the controller. After this second conversion, the IAP-93 works properly as RAP.
  • When using IAP-103 I have the same problem. I cannot test this model with the 7210 because it is not supported under ArubaOS

My question is: what must I do in order to convert IAPs directly to RAPs with the 3200XM, just like I do with the 7210?


If it helps, when I try to convert the IAP-93 directly to RAP with the 3200XM, the IAP shows a pop up indicating that will reboot in 15 minutes and generates a log. It is attached to this message.


Thanks in advance!

Re: IAP to RAP conversion, why do I need two steps?

to convert an iap to a rap you either have to log into the IAP and click on maintenance then convert and point it to the 3200XM IP address for it to become a rap OR you can use Aruba Activate where you create a rule there specifying to convert IAPs to RAPs.
you then assign that rule to a folder and move the MAC addresses of the IAPs you want to convert to the folder.

upon bootup of the IAP it will talk to activate and then begin process to convert to a rap onto your 3200XM.

make sure you AP is whitelisted on the controller.
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