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IAP105 & 115 not giving DHCP to clients

Hi All,


we had a set of 8 IAP105s that where working great, we then added 8 new 115s and no clients apart from guest get DHCP. 


i found the installers had not upgraded all the APS to the same firmware version, so i have upgraded them all to the same version



> This is a flat layer 2 setup so no vlans to add into the mix.

> All 16 appear in cluster

> Tried DHCP on lan ports all fine



Any advice would be great

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Re: IAP105 & 115 not giving DHCP to clients

Wierd. Are you using the "Assigned by virtual controller" or VC Assigned option? There is this for the defualt, and several other places to define DHCP. The basic setup would be to include a dhcp pool in the System settings by clicking on System > Show advanced options > DHCP. This should support up to 512 clients.

Other dvanced DHCP configurations support up to 2048, you can configure these in the More > DHCP section...
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Re: IAP105 & 115 not giving DHCP to clients

This was fixed by the server having two IPs but NPS only being bound to one. 

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