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IAP105 and setting up the virtual controller

I am new to Aruba, so please forgive me.  We just installed a system with a Ubiquiti Airrouter as the gateway, Cisco SG 300 28p POE, and four IAP105s.  The system works great, but when the clients move between AP's they have to lose the original AP, or toggle on/off wifi to connect to the closest AP.  I was that by my rep that if I assigned one of my AP's as a virtual controller, then this wouldn't happen.    I have all of the IP addresses for the APs set to static.  I see where I can go in and put the IP address and name in for the virtual controller, is that all I have to do?  We used to hire out all of our networking, but now I have the task.   Any recommendations.  We have used Cisco in the past when we subbed it out, and we always had problems.  Looke forward to getting more versed in Aruba, since we will be putting in about 20-30 APs per month.

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Re: IAP105 and setting up the virtual controller

Static IP assignment and statically setting the IAP VC IP address should not affect this behavior.


Just a few items to check:


-What version of SW is running on your IAP-105s?  The current version is

-Are all the IAPs in the same subnet or are they in separate subnets, hence, 4 separate VCs?

-If 4 separate VCs Layer 3 roaming needs to be configured.

-What wireless clients (OS) and NIC models and version of drivers?  Are they the original drivers included in the OS or have they been updated to the lates version of driver?  In some cases, old drivers cause the client to be "sticky" in that they cling to the AP they are associated to even if a better option is available.

-If running the current drivers some drivers have a "roaming agressiveness" setting that can help roaming behavior.

-You can, but should not have to, turn off some of the lower data rates which may encourage the client to roam.


If this does not help you may want to open a case with our TAC.


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Re: IAP105 and setting up the virtual controller

I am running the latest version of the software, I updated each IAP105 before I setup anything. I set up each AP statically, all on the same VLAN, and subnet. It was setup up as having the network determine the address instead of the AP. I assume this means that the AP doesn't do DHCP, and the Router does. If I set the Virtual controller to determine the address, then I assume the AP's will do DHCP. I use a dell laptop to setup the networks, and I found out that it wouldn't change AP's, unless it lost one, or the WiFi was toggled on and off. I will make sure I am using the latest version of the drivers. It did seem like the iOS devices and Mac Laptops roamed very well. The only devices in this location are Mac Computers and iOS devices. Mike
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