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IAP205H and firmware version



I have an IAP-205H that I just attempted to upgrade to firmware version for the second time, and each time it results in the device getting stuck in what I can only assume is a boot loop.


I unfortunately do not have a serial cable yet to confirm this.


Does anyone know if there is a problem with firmware version on the IAP-205H?


Just prior to my second attempt at upgrading the firmware I noticed that the automatic upgrade check found a newer firmware version with version number I checked on HPEs support portal and unfortunately it hasn't been posted for download yet.


I don't want to install this version yet until it is made available for the IAP-325s because then I will have an issue getting the IAP-325s and IAP-205H to join the same cluster.

Re: IAP205H and firmware version

For the most recent Instant firmware, you should contact your partner if you have partner-based support, or you can request access to the Aruba Support portal at if you have a support contract with direct support access.


Firmware on the HPE MyNetworking Portal is delayed and incomplete. Going forward, the Aruba firmware downloads will move away from MyNetworking Portal (estimated timeline early 2018). In the meantime, the portal will give you (or your partner) the most actual and complete software for download.

If you have urgent issues, please contact your Aruba partner or Aruba TAC (click for contact details).

Re: IAP205H and firmware version

Hi Herman,


Thank you for the info.

I was initially having issues registering to under It looks like I am able to register now and log in.


I will start grabbing all the firmware images from here from now on.

Re: IAP205H and firmware version

That is correct, as was supposed to be shut down early this year and because of that new accounts were not available. As the plans have changed, you can again request accounts for that site.

If you have urgent issues, please contact your Aruba partner or Aruba TAC (click for contact details).

Re: IAP205H and firmware version

Thank you Herman for clarifying. I beleive my Aruba rep also mentioned something about switching back, but I don't remember him mentioning a time line.


Just a quick update on this post.

I received the console cable for the IAP-205Hs and then opened a support ticket.

After some log reading with the Aruba tech we discovered that the IAP-205H was actually finding our existing physical controller on the network and converting itself from an IAP to a Campus AP.

If I upgrade the IAP-205H in a completely isolated network, then it comes up fine with no issue. As soon as I introduce it back into our production environment it finds the controller and converts itself. It also doesn't find the exist IAP cluster. Unlike the IAP-325s that had zero issues joining the IAP cluster.


I am still waiting for confirmation from the tech as to whether or not this is normal behavior.




Re: IAP205H and firmware version

Another update.

I worked with support to figure out what was going on.


The behavior of the IAP is actually correct based on the circumstances.

  • I first booted up the IAP out of the box with firmware 6.4.x.x
  • I then immediately updated the IAP to firmware
  • I then immediately udpated the IAP to firmware
    Up until this point the IAP functions as expected
  • I then immediately updated the IAP to firmware 6.5.4
    It is at this point that the IAP attempts to find the controller on the network and converts itself to a CAP

Where I went wrong was not configuring a dummy SSID. By not configuring any SSID, the IAP doesn't know it is to act as an IAP, so if it finds a controller on the network, it will convert itself to a CAP.


You can see in the boot log two different messages that will indicated what the IAP is doing.

  • ADP Running...
    This message indicates the IAP is looking for a controller
  • ADP is disabled by uap_controller_less
    This message indicates the IAP is actually an IAP and will not look for a controller.

I am sure I have not described this 100% accurately, but this is what I learned and at least now I know how to avoid it in the future.


As always, not an Aruba issue, but a user issue :D

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