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IAP274 External antenna selection

Hi guys,

I usually offer IAP275 for outdoor integrated OMNI antenna while IAP277 for outdoor integrated directional antenna. However some clients prefer deploying external antenna in which I’m having difficulty in recommending and consolidating these antennas according to purpose.

Below is my attempt to sort them according to docs.Any corrections or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

*directional antenna, (check datasheet for beamwidths)*

2.4Ghz for client serving like street, spot coverage etc


2.4/5Ghz sector wi-fi converage



5Ghz P2P connections

ANT-2x2-5314 (p2P)

ANT-3x3-5712 (point to multipoint) mesh connections

2.4Ghz 802.11nMIMO mesh link applications


My question is how to determine the required qty of antenna per AP and its lightning arrestors?

I’m also referring to AP270 ordering guide

Re: IAP274 External antenna selection

A quick note, generally speaking we don't recommend any high gain antennas for client coverage, the 2x2-2314/2x2.2714 are mostly for limited mesh purposes in countrys where 5Ghz is disallowed. 


To the question on the number of antennas, the 274 is a 3x3 AP, which means there are three connectors per radio. You CAN use a 2x2 antenna on a 3x3 AP, you just put the antenna on ANT0/ANT1, and have to put a 50 ohm terminator on the unused connector ANT2 for whatever radio the 2x2 antenna is placed on.

Jerrod Howard
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Re: IAP274 External antenna selection

Hi Jerod,


I'm trying to use the ANT 2005 + ANT 5005 for an outdoor  site survey. The IAPs have static IPs so I can access them if need be onsite. However when I set the antenna gain , I get prompted to reboot the AP which Im able to do from the maintenance tab. However after the AP boots back up , I see the antenna gain set back to 0 almost as if the AP isnt accepting the values. I tried on both the 274s - 1 which has 6 antennas plugged into it and the other with no antennas plugged into it. Need some help on this.


Thanks, Abdul 

Re: IAP274 External antenna selection

Have you created your SSID yet? With IAP, if the default SetMeUp or Instant SSID is still there, it defaults the AP. 

Jerrod Howard
Distinguished Technologist, TME
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