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IAP93 intermittently detected down on NMS

Hi All,

I've a customer having 20 IAP93 in a VC and running code. They are trying to monitor all the individual IAPs via a 3rd party NMS. All the IAPs are able to discover properly, however few of them will be detected as down on the NMS after sometime (normally after a day),but they are not physically down and we can bring up the status on the NMS by manually polling them. This issue is not seen when they are configured using SNMPv2 but it is seen only on SNMPv3. This issue is happening randomly.. it may happen to other IAPs after sometime.


My question is : is it correct to poll all the individual IAPs or we should be polling only the VC (primary IAP). What is causing this inconsistencies and how can we resolve it?



Re: IAP93 intermittently detected down on NMS

I dont think pointing it to the VC will help as the 3rd party will not understand it i mean he will not know he is a cluster and that he has other IAPs...

I would recommend using Airwaves...

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Re: IAP93 intermittently detected down on NMS

What is your polling interval set to and what kind of latency are you seeing in the network?

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