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IGMP proxy for guest users

Hi all,

i have this simple setup:an aruba controller connected to procurve core switch where we have vlan 1 is for internal users and vlan 30 for guests,i configured igmp proxy on the switch and enable it on both vlan 1 and 30 so the multicast traffic can be routed between vlan .we are using airtame devices (on vlan 1) for streaming .when i connect to the internal wifi (so same vlan as airtime device) ,i`m able to connect to the airtame device and start streaming ,however when i connect to the guest wifi (vlan 30) i can discover the airtame but i`m not able to connect to it >

Do i need to enable igmp proxy on the controller to fix this or something else needs to be done/checked ? thank you in advance 

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