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Instant AP network configuration

Hi community,


I have a client interested in instant AP use. I want to know how can we made a network of Instant AP. In controller based configuration, we select which groupe, the AP belongs to. But here, how does it work? I see that Instant AP communicate with each other, how does it work? Instant AP use Radio or  Wired communication to share information? For controller-based configuration , AP looks for the controller using static IP, DNS , DHCP, Broadcasting and multicasting. What about Instant IP?


Thank you all. You are the best community :)




Re: Instant AP network configuration

Hi ,

Please read this link:


Please read the following PDF (USER GUIDE) attached to this post - it will answer all your questions.

but basiclly:

IAP  = Vritual controller.
IAPs in the same VLAN automatically find each other and form a single functioning network managed by a
Virtual Controller.
Multi Radio iAP'S can use radio for clustring/joing ap-group

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