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Instant IAP-275 issue

I have a Instant network with 7 205's and 1 outdoor IAP 275.  I checked in the firmware and it says there was a new version so I deployed it.  The 275 never came back online.  I did a reset using the reset button and it comes back and I can see it as it's own instant SSID. I can get into it using a DHCP the AP assigns my laptop but the virtual controller doesn't ever see it and it doesn't pick up an IP address.  Even if I static assign address still can't even ping it.  Think maybe firmware is corrupt.  Is there somewhere I can download the firmware and apply it through the GUI from my laptop?  Also, is the same firmware compatible with both 205 and 275?

Re: Instant IAP-275 issue

The 275 and 205 use a different InstantOS file
If one of the 205 is the VC then the code it will pull from the cloud is the 205

You will need to assign another vlan to the 275 and upgrade it individually

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Thank you

Victor Fabian
Lead Mobility Architect @WEI
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Re: Instant IAP-275 issue

Thanks Victor - one of the 205's is the VC.  Would it attempted to put the wrong firmware on the 275 and if so would the 275 of accepted it?

I can still get into the web UI of the 275 if I reset it, but I can't connect to the internet or anthing else with it.  Can I download the correct firmware and ujpgrade it from the web UI using that file?  If so, where do I get the file? 

Re: Instant IAP-275 issue

Hi Mark,


Please share the firmware currently running on the 205 & 275.


The firmware files are available on support site.

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Re: Instant IAP-275 issue

I got it straightened out by resetting the IAP-275, downloading the same firmware that the rest of the IAP-205's had(including the VC).  I still couldn't get it to appear in the interface so I assighned a different IAP as Master and then it appeared and I configured it.

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