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Instant: Outdoor PtP / Mesh VLAN

Not having much luck finding documentation of Instant Clusters and Ethernet LAN bridging across the wired port on the Mesh Point side.


Scenario:  Two IAP-274s -- Mesh Portal and Mesh Point -- the wireless mesh link is up/connected and signal is excellent.


DHCP server sits on Portal side.


Mesh Portal wired port is not set to bridging enabled; Mesh Point wired port IS set to bridging enabled. Both sides of link are connected to access mode ports in VLAN 3 -- and both Aruba units are able to get an IP from the correct DHCP scope.


The problem is that VLAN 3 traffic does not seem to be properly bridged into the switch on the Mesh Point side of the link.  I cannot plug a laptop into an access mode port in VLAN 3 on the Mesh Point side and get an IP from DHCP. Also, when I set a VLAN3 interface IP on the switch and try to ping past the Portal - I get no reply.


Any/All assistance is GREATLY appreciated.  I have found Aruba documentation on Outdoor PtP (ie VRD, etc) -- but that is all based on Mobility Controllers and not Instant.



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