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Instant and leap second issue

I read the bulletin and some other details and im a little confused now on the situation for instant.


first of all to be sure, this is no command to check on the NTP status of an Instant right?


so for instant NTP is used by default, it tries to sync with




the Instant only connects to the NTP server at boot up, changing it requires a restart.




so no matter if you configured NTP yourself or not, if the Instant can reach the Instant will be affected by this issue?


the mitigation of configuring an unreachable IP addres yourself is enough, no restart is required?


Re: Instant and leap second issue

The issue has to do with the need for NTP servers to tell connected clients about the extra second.

If you ask for the time before and then after midnight, you'll just get a normal answer both times and think your internal clock had slipped by one second.

If you ask at exactly the right moment, you'll get a response which some clients will not expect and may not interpret correctly.

If the Instant only makes an NTP call at boot, and then never checks again to adjust the time, then there's nothing to worry about expect the time will be off by one-second until the next reboot.

If the Instant happes to boot at midnight on the fated day and gets the one unexpected tick, then it may do unexpected things.



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Re: Instant and leap second issue

thanks Matthew. this was about the last piece of the leap second puzzle. i understand Aruba wants to warn it's customers, but a bit more detail might have been nice.

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