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LED light on IAP 305

Hi All, 


When powering the IAP 315 with a PoE injector, the PoE LED powers on blinking yellow and then stable with no WiFi LED. Then the Power LED turns red and the WiFi LED gets lit up with stable yellow broadcasting the SSID. 

But after 5 mins, the LED for WiFi goes off, with the Power LED on the AP blinking. 


What can cause this to happen? have anyone faced this issue.


2nd Question:- Can we connect to the GUI of this IAP without connecting the LAN port of the PoE injector to the LAN.  

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Re: LED light on IAP 305

These are the status codes for the IAP315 (I'm guessing the 305 in the title was a typo :D ).


Is this a new IAP or one that has been previously in a working environment? You would be best attaching a console cable and recording the output. If there is no data connection to the POE injector the IAP is probably rebooting due to no IP address/network restriction.


You would need a L3 connected to the IAP in order to access the GUI.

If my post addresses your query, give kudos:)
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Re: LED light on IAP 305

Yes buddy, Its IAP 315. Sorry for the typo. 

Will connect the internet LAN connection to the LAN port of PoE injector and check if the GUI comes up? 


When i connect to the default SSID of the IAP, what URL can i use to get the GUI of the IAP. 

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Re: LED light on IAP 305

No worries! Yeah, let it obtain an IP address in the first instance then
HTTPS to that via the SSID (if its brand new it will be SetMeUp/Instant
depending on the firmware version...).

When connected to SetMeUp/Instant SSID it will re-direct you to the GUI.
If you know the version the IAP is running you can see the Set Up in the
User Guide.

If my post addresses your query, give kudos:)
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