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Lot of user can't connect to wifi

Hello, we've new Aruba implementation and still learning the product.

Have been setup the wifi but strangely a lot of user have poor performance at the wifi.


The wifi placement already following the VRD (at ceiling not fake ceiling, 30 feets between AP) and i'm sure the user is not too far away from the wifi.

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Re: Lot of user can't connect to wifi

Based on the channel and type columns from your list of clients, there seems to be an unusually high number of devices connecting to the 2.4 GHz band. I would review the settings under the RF tab and make sure those are optimized for an 802.11ac network (given that IAP 303s are deployed). For example, set band steering to prefer 5 GHz and enabling clientmatch. Another thing that might help is setting customized transmit power ranges for the 2.4 and 5 bands.

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Re: Lot of user can't connect to wifi

Hi Jake,


I've activated band steering to prefer 5 GHz and enabling clientmatch before. Trying to transmit power ranges for the 2.4 and 5 bands, any suggestion (using 6/9 & 15/18) ?

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Re: Lot of user can't connect to wifi

In a regular office setting, it should be about 50 feet between each access point, NOT 30.  If you have it at 30 feet, too many access points can see each other and your 2.4ghz(b/g/n) band would be very saturated.  You should be able to see the channel utilization on each access point on the screen with the list of access points.  If you don't want to turn off the APS for now, you should set your 2.4ghz transmit power to min and max 6. 


I see some of your clients have an "E" next to the channel, because they are running "wide" and 80mhz channels on the 5ghz band.  Due to your extreme density you should have "wide" and "80mhz" channels unchecked and set the arm min and max to 9 on the 5ghz band.


Please capture a screenshot of the list of access points before and after you make the suggested changes.

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