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Low Link Speed Clients Help

Hi all. I'm a new Aruba Partner and getting up to speed on wireless for my clients so thatnkls for your help and patience.


My needs and network setup are as follows:


  1. I've got a school environment with about 100 wired PCs and printers, 35 new Lenovo  wireless laptops for faculty and students  on a Gb wired network
  2. The Lenovo laptops are configured with a Broadcom WiFi card, B/G/N, 1x1 capable of a link speed of 72Mbs at 20Mhz
  3. The desire is to continue to use Roaming Profiles/Folder Redirection for these laptops.
  4. 20 of these are student laptops that will be used together as a group in classrooms, so will log into the Domain together at the beginning of a class.
  5. Usage will be educational resources; Google Apps for Edu, CNN Student News video, Youtube for education, etc

The APs I would intend to use are IAP-135s and the questions are:


  1. As I know that wireless is half duplex, and I know what my laptops are capable of connecting to the IAP-135s, how do I calculate or determine what the performance will be given a strong signal and low noise floor. (I hope my terminology is correct, but please correct me if it isn't)
  2. Is there a document or software at Aruba or elsewhere that helps in calculating these types of questions for surveying or troubleshooting.

Thanks very much for your input and assistance,



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Re: Approach to calculate bandwidth needs questions

Several things will impact the overall performance of your wireless environment :
- rf health
- the amount clients
- the type of client (amount of streams is able to support)

See this thread:

A good tool to use to measure performance is iPerf or jPerf
Thank you

Victor Fabian
Lead Mobility Architect @WEI
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