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Managing IAPs from Airwave - Pros/Cons

Hey everyone,


I'm looking for some Pros/Cons of managing IAPs from airwave. This would pertain to managing the configuration of (3) virtual controller clusters. Also, this would mainly pertain to the Instant GUI option, but if I could be convinced otherwise, template option is also a possiblity.


I have come across some options that no longer existed (or I just couldn't find them) in the instant GUI of airwave vs. the actual instant GUI.


Any and all input would be great as I'm trying to make a list for customers who want to know the good, the bad, and the ugly of it.



Michael Haring
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Re: Managing IAPs from Airwave - Pros/Cons

I would say that I haven't really seen any reason not to use Airwave - I'm managing 110 iAP clusters and 105 of them on the same template.

(I am so comfortable with the template that I've not tried very hard to use the GUI in Airwave)


The only issue I've seen is that the Airwave and iAP teams work at different pace and if you keep to the bleeding edge on both products, there are features in iAP which Airwave doesn't support yet, and occasionally Airwave has a feature which was impelemented slightly different in production on iAP.


If I was just managing three iAP clusters and had no other requirements of Airwave I might be tempted to skip Airwave - until I wanted some historical use/accounting data. Which the iAP doesn't have.


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Re: Managing IAPs from Airwave - Pros/Cons

Great information, I appreciate the comment. I will be sure to note this for what I am going to provide. Thanks.

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Re: Managing IAPs from Airwave - Pros/Cons

i think the previous post summed it up nicely. for three clusters and no need for long term logging then Airwave could be skipped. but if three becomes four, five, ... then Airwave starts to make sense.


configuration wise i have been able to do what i want, with the Instant GUI even.


in my opinion it really depends on the ammount of clusters to manage.

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