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Mesh Device Choice.

We recommend that you try Mesh equipment to the customer.


Mesh environment configuration method is "Point to Point to Point", is the outdoor environment.


The distance 2KM environment, will use the 5Ghz Radio.

It will use a CCTV Data.


Should you suggest any equipment?


My idea is being considered as the equipment listed below.

Antenna: ANT-3X3-5010
                (4.9 GHz - 5.875 GHz) 10 dBi (cable included)

AP: IAP-274
         2.4-GHz (600 Mbps max) and 5-GHz (1.3 Gbps max) radios, each with 3 × 3 MIMO and three external antenna connectors



Re: Mesh Device Choice.

I would not pick the 5010 antenna for point-to-point as it is an Omni-directional antenna, but it might work in your specific case. I would rather look at AP-277s or AP-274 with highly directional antenna's instead; however creating a proper radio planning taking the line-of-sight into account and your regional regulatory domain power limits would be needed for the best result.


Please work with your Aruba Partner or local Aruba Sales team to pick the proper products for this project. 

If you have urgent issues, please contact your Aruba partner or Aruba TAC (click for contact details).

Re: Mesh Device Choice.

Herman is correct, the 5010s are a poor choice for PtP because they will pick up interference from the other 330-340 degrees of coverage the antennas provide. The BEST performance will be the AP-274 and the ANT_x2x2-5314, it's the highest gain, most narrow antenna which offers the most isolation from noise and interference. Next would be the AP-277. The AP-277 will be lower performing and will be subject to a bit more interference, but is also 3-4x easier to install. If the area is in a dense urban environment, you should use the 274+5314.

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