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Mixed IAP Clusters with legacy APs in an Airwave Enivroment

We have an Airwave solution for a customer with aprox 30 Instant Clusters, all in one Group in airwave. Today its a mix of IAP-105, IAP-205/IAP-215. We are now going to start integrate IAP-300 series APs in some of the clusters in this group.


The problem is that IAP-300 series has a minimum software version of and we have IAP-105 in the same group, and they only support up to thus they cannot exist in the same group as the IAP-300 series.


I´m thinking of making a duplicate group called XXX Legacy containing the IAP-105/IAP-205 clusters and keeping them on a lower firmware level and only upgrade the pure IAP-205 clusters. 


What is the easiest way to move clusters to another group? Is there any other solutons? We have about 850 devices on 30 diffrent locations. 




Re: Mixed IAP Clusters with legacy APs in an Airwave Enivroment

Hi ,


Create a duplicate or new group and move the IAP 105 cluster, using modify device tab option.


Go to APs/Devices>List page and select proper folder where you have IAP 105 cluster and down the page, in devices list section on right side we have modify deivce type option, click and select all the devices which you want to move and choose proper group and folder from drop down list and click move.





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