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Mounting AP-215 and 225 to a standard "single gang" junction box?

This is way basic, but, can I use a AP-220-MNT-W1 to put a 215 or 225 on an existing junction box? We will be doing a new roll out of Aruba gear, replacing old Juniper wifi, and most of the locations are drop ceilings, but a few have conduit to junction boxes on the ceilings. From the template, it looks like the -W1 mount has holes in the right places.


Yet, only the instructions for the "secure" version of the mount, the -W2, show mounting on a junction box: )


The -W1 instructions don't show anything but a straight wall mount. Is there some reason it doesn't work well on a junction box?  ( )


Or, more generally: is there any difference between the -W1 and the -W2 versions aside from the security enclosure feature? Can I use either one for a basic single gang box?


Thanks for any clues!


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Re: Mounting AP-215 and 225 to a standard "single gang" junction box?

The W1 mount will not mount to a standard single gang box.   The 2 holes in the center of the mount are too close.   And the 4 corner holes are too far apart.    The W2 does mate up fine with a single gang box.  

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