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Multicast Video Streaming over IAP...

Over a mobility controller-based deployment multicast video streaming is certainly recommended and supported. Can the same be said for an IAP deployment? If so, how large can the cluster be?

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Re: Multicast Video Streaming over IAP...

Like the AOS Controllers IAP also supports Dynamic Multicast Optimization and Multicast Transmission Optimization.


There is no hard limit on IAP cluster size except for the IAP-9x which is limited to 16 per cluster. Also, if you introduce an IAP-9x to a cluster with other models, such as the IAP-105, that cluster becomes limited to 16 IAPs (lowest common denominator).  There are a number of threads on this topic.  While we have customers running large clusters (150 -200) generally clusters are smaller based on geography.   The nice thing is that you can manage multiple clusters via Aruba Central or AirWave.

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Re: Multicast Video Streaming over IAP...

Generally there will be no deployments greater than the old limit for non-9x access points (64 IAPs). Should I be concerned about the resources of DMO and MTO within a 64-IAP-115/225 deployment?

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