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Multiple Clusters

I am getting ready to install a large IAP deployment and have a question about creating clusters.  


I would like to have one cluster for guest's only access using IAP 104's


The other cluster is for confernece users using IAP 135's


Currently both AP's will get an IP from the management VLAN and then I will setup DHCP for each cluster.  My question is how would I setup two clusters on the same VLAN?

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Re: Multiple Clusters

In the current release of IAP SW you cannot do this.  In order to have two separate clusters management traffic must be in two separate Vlans so the IAPs in Cluster 1 cannot see, and join Cluster 2.


In the next major release, 4.1, we will be introducing an ap-group feature that will allow all IAPs to be in one cluster while alowing certain IAPs to advertise one SSID and others to advertise a different SSID.   This is still, however, 4 - 8 weeks away.


In the meantime, separate them by vlan.  You could put one IAP in "standalone mode" and it will not join a cluster and you will manage it independently.

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Re: Multiple Clusters

Thanks for the quick reply Marcus.  I will create a second management VLAN for now.  


One last question, for the guest network we are going to use the captive portal that is built into the VC.  With that I can only use x amount of characters.  So my question is can I embed a link into the captive portal section with the customers Terms & Conditions? IF so would the end user be able to click on it and be redirected to the website with the Terms & Conditions before hitting Agree?  Hopefully that makes sense.



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Re: Multiple Clusters

it would be good if you can upload term and condition page in controller and CP page has link to it.

Thanks & Regards
Syed Murad Ali
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Re: Multiple Clusters

Hi Marcus,


Do we have any update as to when 4.1 will be released?



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Re: Multiple Clusters

I don't have an exact date but it should be out soon. I will post up in the Sticky thread on SW updates as soon as it is out.

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