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Multiple DHCP Scope

I have a customer that has a flat network, all using VLAN 1. The customer wants to add a second VLAN (VLAN2), but does not have a typical DHCP server and would like to use the Virtual Controller. We are already using the default DHCP scope for the Guest network, is there a way to add an additional DHCP scope for VLAN2? I see there are three options, but not sure which one to pick. 


We would use the VLAN in the VLAN settings of the network we are going to create. This will be strictly for wireless and we will not need to worry about any wired users on this VLAN.


Any input would be greatly appreciated.



Michael Haring
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Re: Multiple DHCP Scope

Hi friend,


You can configure this with " Local DHCP".


for your ref:


1. Configure a new DHCP scope. " More-->DHCP server"


2. Select "New" under " Local DHCP scopes"


3. Enter all the required DHCP details, Name,type " Local",subnet & Mask, VLAN ( VLAN 2 in your case) etc.


DHCP local.JPG


4. Create a new SSID ( Employee usage)


5. Select " Client IP as VC managed" and Client VLAN assignment as " Custom"


6. select the VLAN along with the DHCP scope from the dropdown list as shown bellow,


DHCP local22.JPG


Like this we can configure multiple DHCP scopes for the local SSIDs.


Hope you got some help on this,


Please feel free for any further help on this.

Venu Puduchery,
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