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Need Usb console driver for IAP-345

Dear All,

The IAP-345 is using Micro-usb for console function rather than the RJ45 one.


When I try to use Micro-usb connect to that lovely and pissed me off usb port, Windows just notices me that the USB port is not identified.

Well, seems I need driver for it.


And the Aruba website provided driver is really good but not works for it.
Image 20180808-001.jpg

Anyone can help? Please!

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Re: Need Usb console driver for IAP-345

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Re: Need Usb console driver for IAP-345

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Re: Need Usb console driver for IAP-345

I got the same problem with the AP-CBL-SERU cable. It worked on my old laptop but I got a new one. Latest windows build and the driver does not work. Downloaded the latest CP210x from


On my old laptop I had an older driver but I didn't keep a copy of that zip. Unfortunately that laptop became unworkable.  

Windows states unknown device (request for device descriptor failed)


I really need this resolved!!


New laptop has USB C interfaces. I found that the problem lies in the USB C to USB A converters. When I use a USB A hub and put a converter in between, the cable works just fine. So now I'm on the hunt for a USB C to USB A converter that does work with the cable. All hubs and converters are USB 3.0 so it will be a hit and miss process :)




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