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Nightmare trying to replace certificates on IAP 105

We have five IAP-105s, and recently were bitten by the Windows SHA-1 certificate expiration issue (all the SHA1 certs signed by our domain expired over the weekend, including those used as "auth server" for the WPA2-enterprise with our Aruba APs).


We have tried everything we can think of, and even managed to find the guide we used previously when originally installing our certificate ( ) but it seems the pfx format is no longer supported, and every combination of certificates we make the AP will say "The certificate from file XXX has been successfully installed", with no effect.

We get that message, no error, uploading both our CA cert and our server key+cert (after converting from pfx to pem, using "openssl pkcs12 -in file.pfx -out file.pem").  What are we doing wrong here, or rather, why are we not getting any meaningful error message?

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