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Operational Temperatures for IAP

Hi, I want to know if there is/are any model of IAP available that can function properly at lower temperatures like -40 degree celcius???

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Re: Operational Temperatures for IAP

The AP-270 series bottom threshold is -40.
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Re: Operational Temperatures for IAP

Hi Thank you very much for your reply.

As i see the datasheet for 270 series AP. Yes, it can withstand -40 to +65 degree celcius.

these seem to be outdoor AP. Can i use them in indoor environment. My requirement is to install the AP in a cold warehouse/store house operating/maintained at a temperature of -40.


I will use the AP in instant mode and that is well supported by this 270 series. Is there any lower model with operational temperature of -40 to +65?




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Re: Operational Temperatures for IAP

Speak with your Aruba account team or partner. A new indoor AP will be released shortly that will meet your needs. 

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Re: Operational Temperatures for IAP

We had an application similar to this in a very large freezer in a food warehouse. The client didn't want to use outdoor APs. We installed a thin walled outdoor plastic enclosure, mounted it to the ceiling of the freezer, installed our IAP-105s and sealed them. We used 6 for this deployment and measured a very negligible drop in signal strength once the enclosures were sealed. The small amount of heat generated by the APs inside the enclosure have kept them happy for over 2 years in a very cold freezer. This is probably not recommend for everyone but the customer is happy and we haven't had a single service call.


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Re: Operational Temperatures for IAP

hi All,

you can use this kind of box

his temperature range is

Environment Temp Range: -40 to 121 Deg F (-40 to 85 °C)




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