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Placement NAT in Instant infrastructure


I want ask you about mechanism of working Instant mode.

For example I have network (attachment) where is router with two interfaces: Eth 0 is for LAN (DHCP enabled), Eth 1 have public IP (Internet), between interfaces there is NAT. IAPs have IP from dhcp. Clients get address from default dhcp on Instant (assigned by virtual controller,

I assume (which is pretty obvious) in this network we have two NATs:

-between clients and IAPs

-between IAPs and publc IP

My question is where the NAT between clients and IAPs taking place? Is it on every IAPs separetly (for example when client is connected to IAP with IP, NAT is on that IAP) or maybe all non-master IAPs forward traffic to master IAP and on master is NAT? Do you have any ideas?

Thanks in advence!

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Re: Placement NAT in Instant infrastructure

In case the SSID being VC assigned, VC Master acts as the DHCP server and the gateway. So when traffic of the clinet is going out of the IAP, it goes through the VC and it does the Natting for the clients in the VLAN.


You can check these through commands:

show datapath session (You will see a "S" flag for Src-NAT)

show dhcp-allocation (IP address allocated from VC's DHCP scope)

(Above answer is based on my knowledge and NOT an official statement from Aruba)
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Re: Placement NAT in Instant infrastructure


To clarify, NAT is between and Master IP or VC IP?

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