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Playstation 4 and NAT type on Instant

Running a RAP-109-US (as IAP) in a remote office with a Playstation 4 in the breakroom.  Running into NAT type restrictions limiting voice communication and some game session issues.  Any recommendations on how to change the NAT type through Instant?  Currently connecting on a wireless profile with a PSK, debating trying MAC authentication to see if that would affect it at all.

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Re: Playstation 4 and NAT type on Instant

how did you setup your networks on the IAP? did you use the IAP assigned option?


to what NAT type do you want to change?


a change from PSK to MAC auth wouldn't make any difference.


a solution that would probably work is not to use the network on the IAP but put your user in a network that is on your wired network.

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Re: Playstation 4 and NAT type on Instant

Right now its on virtual controller assigned, I'm going to play with having it on network assigned instead. I'd like to push it to a Type 1 NAT but that might have its own issues with firewall anyways. Will try the wired profile instead, thanks for the suggestion
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