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PoE license on aftermarket Aruba 650



I purchased a used aftermarket Aruba 650.  The PoE license is missing, and I'd like to have PoE on the unit.  According to the following document, the PoE license is no longer being "sold" as the 650 has been EOS'd:

Will I still be able to regenerate the License for this unit?  I have just registered and I'm waiting for the account to be accepted so I can go to


Thanks in advance for any assistance.


Re: PoE license on aftermarket Aruba 650

With recent code, POE should work without any license. Not sure when that was introduced though.

What code version are you running?

Note that you can't run anything after 6.4 on a 650 controller, which means that many newer AP models are not supported.

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Re: PoE license on aftermarket Aruba 650

Hi Onno,

OS version is running

Controller > About
Name: Aruba Operating System Software.
Model: Aruba650
Compiled: 2012-09-28 at 07:46:05 PDT (build 35523) by p4build
Legal: Copyright (c) 2002-2012, Aruba Networks, Inc.

In addition to the POE License I need ArubaOS 6.4.1.X on Aruba 650 to run AP 205, Is that possible? Where in your opinion I am not running anything after I upgrade V 6.4.X on Aruba 650?


I include an image attachment indicating that my POE status is disabled.



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