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Prefer 5Ghz vs Force 5Ghz

We have couple IAP-225 at our office. 2.4Ghz is unusable, constant random packet loss, noisefloor somewhere -76 dBm etc. Now if I set Band steering mode to "Prefer 5Ghz" , my laptop (Intel AC 7260) seems to be jumping between 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz without any logic making my network connections mess when I hit 2.4Ghz. And I'm not moving. If I use setting "force 5Ghz" everything works just fine, getting ~700Mbps link at best and connection is very stable.


I'm just curious how hard Aruba tries to push client to 5Ghz when it haves Band Steering Mode at "Prefer 5Ghz"?

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Re: Prefer 5Ghz vs Force 5Ghz

From the user guide:


Please note that the client ultimately makes the decision of what access point they connect to..

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Re: Prefer 5Ghz vs Force 5Ghz

Thank you for the clarification cjoseph. I looked into driver settings of Intel Wifi NIC and there is actually setting for preferred band. Apparently with no setting it makes some bad choices.


Too bad there seems to be no easy way to turn this switch to 5Ghz with larger scale.

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