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Problems with Guest Authentification

Hi @ All,

we have an aruba controller with firmware
I created a new network as a guest Wifi.
Everything works if there is no authentification type in there.
If i choose internal - authentification or Internal - confirmed
the site blocks every Content see below:

Does anybody know how to handle that problem, I´d like to use the Internal - Confirmed option, that the user can logon into the Wifi and just accept the condition terms - thats it.

Thanks and Regards

Re: Problems with Guest Authentification

Did u created any user? If Internal Server is selected as an authentication server, under Internal server, click the User link to add users for internal authentication. For more information about adding a user, see Configuring Users.

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Re: Problems with Guest Authentification

Thanks for replay.

Do I need to setup a server?

If I create at Authentificationserver a new field, i can shoose of RADIUS, LDAP, TACACS and CoA.

Sorry I do this the first time.

At the Users for internal Server I created a user. But I don´t know how to combine that.

Do i also need to configure the external captive Portal?


Really sorry for that.


Thanks in advance!

Re: Problems with Guest Authentification



1. If you are using Internal-Authenticated, then we need to have  a user account created in 

internal database or use external server.


Under Authentication server , if you use Internal server we just need to create ac account by clicking on

User opton


2. if you are using Internal-Acknowledged, then we do not need any kind of user account


3. If you choose External, then your captive portal page needs to be hosted on some kind of external web server.


Make sure the ACL's are correctly configured Under Access tab so that the user is not blocked.



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