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Recommended client count on IAP225's

I know best practices for the IAP105 is 30 users per radio, or 60 total. Even so, we've had a few customers that have loaded the 105's up to 100 users with no issues.


I've been wondering what the recommended client count for IAP225's is. What would be a safe number to state to customers? I'm thinking of an auditorium room or a high density room where 200-300 clients may try to associate at once. 



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Re: Recommended client count on IAP225's


The IAP225 should be able to handle between 200-250 clients but of course you have look at the type of client associated , the expected throughtput and your RF environment

Thank you

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Re: Recommended client count on IAP225's

Just have the customer keep in mind every 'lines up' for access to the Channel (CSMA).   


I usually boil this down to the analogy of line-ups at Starbucks or Tim Hortons (Canadian, eh?)

Mr. Customer would you like to have 199 people infront of you when you arrive at the coffee shop and only one cashier?    Or would it be better to have multiple line ups to work through the same crowd much faster? (parallel).


Answer:   Of course not ;-)  I want short lines, lots of them.  I want to be in and out.   

Aha, excellent... so lets stay away from loading up APs with 'line ups' of 200 devices too ... even though the (Aruba) network 'can' handle it?   Your users will be happier with several, shorter and faster lines.  Everytime.



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