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SSID Overhead When Using Zones - IAP

In the "less is more" category as it relates to SSIDs, I'm curious how that may come into play when using zones in the IAP?


I have one building with an SSID we'll call "SSID-Building1".  We'll also call the zone established for the IAPs in that building "Building1".  These IAPs are connected and manageed by the same virtual controller throughout the campus.  This SSID is then not broadcast on the IAPs in building two.  


Another example might be in a dense IAP deployment.  Perhaps the rationale for the dense deployment is having hundreds of students on their devices which are configured for a certain SSID.  But, maybe for the 10 or so devices that may connect to the guest network, I could zone every other IAP as "guest" reducing the IAPs that would be broadcasting the "SSID-Guest".


The best answer to reducing SSID overhead would obviously be to just reduce SSIDs.  But I'm wondering if utilizing zones, in theory, could also provide some benefit?


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Re: SSID Overhead When Using Zones - IAP

Zones conceptually could reduce the number of SSIDs being broadcast, so yes.

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