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Serial Breakout cable problem

 I have been trying to create my own serial breakout adaptor but am having no sucess.

The scale i have been following is base on the link shared in the achived post.


This is what i have done. Just wondering if i have misunderstood the way how it should be linked or something went wrong


** i am unable to power the AP up with this format but the AP works fine with just a cable linked to the power injector.



  1       2       3    4      5     6      7     8

BR / WBR / G / WB / B / WG / O / WO    (To AP)

                    l                     l      l       l       (Links)

       /         / G /       /     / WG / O / WO    (To Network)


Serial Port 2  - WBR

Serial Port 3 - B

Serial Port 5 - BR / WB

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Re: Serial Breakout cable problem

What are you trying to console into?

Tim Cappalli | Aruba Security
@timcappalli | | ACMX #367 / ACCX #480
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Re: Serial Breakout cable problem

Hey there,


That would be the older models AP such as AP65 which has only one ehernet port.

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Re: Serial Breakout cable problem

Does anyone have any idea ? I know that the design works just that i might have screwed up the cabling. Does the color coding matter in this case ?


Does anyone have a working design and is able to share with me the color connection ?

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