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Set IAP-105 time using NTP

I'm using the Virtual Controller, and setting the NTP server to, but this never seems to have an effect.


Is there a command I'm missing for setting the AP clocks via NTP?


A better way than SSHing into each AP and setting it manually with clock set <year> <month> <day> <UTC hour> <minute> <second>????

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Re: Set IAP-105 time using NTP



The behaviour of an IAP in terms of NTP is as follows,


1. By default, the IAP tries to connect to to synchronize time.

2. A different NTP server can be configured manually or from Central.

3. It can also be provisioned through the DHCP option 42.

4. The NTP server provisioned through the DHCP option 42 is used if no server is configured.

5. The default server is used if no NTP server is configured or provisioned through DHCP option 42.


To configure NTP server manually, use the following steps,


1. System>General.
2. Enter the IP address or the URL (domain name) of the NTP server in the NTP Server text box.
3. Click OK.and reboot

As a good practice always connect the IAP to internet and let it contact the Aruba central and sync with NTP and download the golden config.


Hope got some more clarity on this.

Venu Puduchery,
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Re: Set IAP-105 time using NTP

What is "option 42"?

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Re: Set IAP-105 time using NTP

Options can be configured on your DHCP server to provide settings to its clients. For example the gateway address is an "option" recieved through DHCP if you use dynamic ip.

Christoffer Jacobsson | Aranya AB
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Re: Set IAP-105 time using NTP

Ah, okay. Definitely want that.

BTW - turned out our local DNS wasn't forwarding elsewhere, so they couldn't get an IP for All better now.


Thanks for the assistance.

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