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Single iPhone cannot connect to SSID

One of our users cannot connect to our Aruba SSID from his iPhone.  He is the only person having this issue... we have verified it is his phone and not his username by testing my login from his phone (unsuccessful) and his login from another device (successful).  We are getting a RADIUS authentication failure from the IAP logs, but the request is not even reaching our RADIUS server.  I believe it is because his iPhone is not trusting the certificate, but we are not even being prompted to trust or don't trust.  We do not use a certificate and only use WPA2-Ent with MSCHAP-v2.  When trying to connect to another SSID using Cisco, he is prompted to trust the certificate (or lack there of...) and is able to connect.  On Android, you have the option to use "No Certificate", but not with the iPhone.  Any suggestions?

Also, we have attempted his login from another iPhone (exact same model and iOS version) and he's able to login.  We have tried resetting Location and Security and his Network settings to no avail.

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