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Tunnel from AP eth1 to GRE?

Is it possible to assign port ETH1 on IAP-345 to use a VPN tunnel, for use by Wired guests?


(I already have the VPN tunnel created and assigned to one of the Guest  WLANs by L2-Centralised DHCP) 

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Re: Tunnel from AP eth1 to GRE?

I've just tested this in my lab using AP303H and it works using the same method as WLAN: just select the Centrailise-L2 DHCP scope in the wired profile and the traffic will go use the GRE tunnel.


But unfortunately my AP345s are being controlled by Airwave and there seems to be a bug in Airwave 8.2.7 because it doesn't present any dropdown menu for selecting DHCP policies when editing the Wired network profile IGC mode. See attached screenshot.

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