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Turn off DHCP in virtual controller

We have recently purchased about a dozen Instant 225 and are managing them through the virtual controller. There are not any scopes defined in the GUI of the VC but there are definitely 172.31.98.x addresses being handed out. Since we already have a DHCP server set up, how can I totally disable the dhcp function on the Arubas?


Re: Turn off DHCP in virtual controller

Apparently you are using an SSID, that has its VLAN setting set to "Virtual Controller Assigned".


If you change that VLAN settings, then you should not get IP from the internal DHCP server.


You can change the default DHCP server scope from 172.x to something else but you can not disable it.


However as explained above, you can stop using it on the SSID, by changing the VLAN settings.

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Re: Turn off DHCP in virtual controller

Thank you for the prompt answer.

I checked the SSID configurations and they are set to Network Assigned. The alternative is Virtual Controller Managed which I am going to assume means the same as Virtual Controller Assigned.

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Re: Turn off DHCP in virtual controller

That is correct. Below is a full description of the Client IP Assigment and VLAN Assignment options.


Client IP Assignment:

Virtual Controller assigned—On selecting this option, the client obtains the IP address from the Virtual Controller. The Virtual Controller creates a private subnet and VLAN on the IAP for the wireless clients. The network address translation for all client traffic that goes out of this interface is carried out at the source. This setup eliminates the need for complex VLAN and IP address management for a multi-site wireless network. For more information on DHCP scopes and server configuration, see DHCP Configuration.
 Network assigned—Select this option to obtain the IP address from the network.

Client VLAN Assignment:

 Default— On selecting this option, the client obtains the IP address in the same subnet as the IAPs. By default, the client VLAN is assigned to the native VLAN on the wired network.
 Static— On selecting this option, you need to specify a single VLAN, a comma separated list of VLANS, or a range of VLANs for all clients on this network. Select this option for configuring VLAN pooling.
 Dynamic— On selecting this option, you can assign the VLANs dynamically from a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server. To create VLAN assignment rules:

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