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Walled garden not working for HTTPS

I'm having an issue setting up the walled garden on a RAP-109 to work with HTTPS only websites like Facebook and Twitter. From the configuration I am allowing all access to and any subdomain according to the examples provided.


wlan walled-garden
white-list ""
white-list ""


Even when trying to add the full URL ( it will not allow access. Instead of providing access the instant will sent a certificate for (see screenshot) and the browser will block access.


Any thoughts?




Re: Walled garden not working for HTTPS

The current version of IAP software does not allow for HTTPS whitelist functionality within the walled garden configuration.  You'll need to explicitly add HTTPS ACLs for those sites within the policies of that pre-auth role.


The reason for this is because the Instant AP becomes a proxy for the HTTP requests to sites in the whitelist, but it is not capable of being a transparent proxy for HTTPS.

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Re: Walled garden not working for HTTPS

Hi Clembo,


Great advise! It did the trick.


Many thanks,



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