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What's the pros/cons of Aruba offering vs CISCO?

Dear Airheads Gurus,


Would you please share your take on Aruba offering vs CISCO in the Wi-Fi & Enterprise WLAN industry?

Where Aruba Networks fits in + how their product is different from others in the industry?

What's the market dynamics, product strengths/weaknesses + industry outlook?


Thanks in advance + Happy Holidays



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Re: What's the pros/cons of Aruba offering vs CISCO?

I would speak with your local Aruba account team and their preferred partner. If you're not sure who that is please see the following link:

They can provide you with extensive comparisons including things we can't post here. However, to start I would take a look at the following third party report that compares the two 11ac solutions:
ACDX #419 | ACMP |
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