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Re: Why does IAP-205 continuously reboot?

I was going to setup port mirroring, but once I got the IAP working on
the HP (which is connected through the brocade to another HP where the
master IAP-205 lives), everything started working. It's all a bit strange.

Also, it changed from 60 seconds to reboot to 30 seconds to reboot last
week. But for now, I have users actually using it connected to the HP,
so I'm a bit loathe to change it. The Dell IAP-205, which should have
exactly the same hardware and firmware, gives me the "Internal error 8"
message, but refuses login or to turn on its radio after that. It
doesn't reboot, though.

I need to get my second machine working in there for the port mirroring
tap (days - needs a new CPU) or to take the laptop in with wireshark,
turn on mirroring, move the AP, and see what happens and send it in,
soonish, but probably not today.

That ping thing is interesting. There'd be the same or less traffic on
the HP switch where it is currently working. Aruba tech had a loose
theory that it could be a POE negotiation thing, but the exactness of
the timing makes me doubt this.
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Re: Why does IAP-205 continuously reboot?


in earlier version of the OS, it was allowed to run an IAP-2015 in class 2 POE and it would work but disable features. The unit would continue to run just fine, but not full functionality.

In newer releases of AirOS (starting about March/April 2016), class 2 POE is no longer sufficient even to complete a boot cycle. It will exceed the power usage of the port which will disable POE and the AP will reboot, thus the loop. THe weird thing was that it always happened at *exactly* the same time. So, there's something very deterministic in the boot sequence that enables a particular feature that just tips it over the edge, the POE shuts off temporarily on overload, and the switch reboots.

Answer: minimum requirement for IAP-205 is class 3 POE. The documentation is being adjusted going forward.


(long overdue followup)

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