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Windows CE device issue


we have some devices with Windows Embedded CE 6.0 as OS that have some issue of disconnesction from the IAP SSID.

If the device is ON but does nothing, after a while it is out of the SSID. In detail:

 - if the "inactivity timeout" of the SSID is less than 1 hour -> the device is "ageout" from the SSID when it    reaches the "inactivity timeout" value;

 - if the "inactivity timeout" of the SSID is more than 1 hour -> the device is "ageout" from the SSID when    it reaches the 1 hour of inactivity.


The device network interface indicates that it is again connected, but it is unable to do any network operation. The only way to reconnect the device to the SSID is to reboot it. In this days I have install a "ping utility" in the device, so if I run a ping to the IAP the device reconnects to the SSID.

But I want to solve this issue without do a ping or reboot it every time . I want to avoid the "ageout" of the Windows CE devices.


Is there anyone that has some experience with Windows CE devices? Any suggestion about how solve this issue?







Massimo Gallina
Telecommunications engineer - ACMP2013

Re: Windows CE device issue

I know I always hate this answer (question) when it's the first thing support asks me, so I'm sorry to ask you...


How current is your CE and device driver?


We had a similar problem with our oldest handheld bar-code scanners -- WinCE 5.something -- and were able to fix it by upgrading the wireless device drivers. Our WinCE 6.x have other issues, but not that one.


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Re: Windows CE device issue

Hi Matthew,

I try to upgrade our WinCE devices but unfortunately it is not possible becuase the devices memory is too small for do any upgrade.... :(

Massimo Gallina
Telecommunications engineer - ACMP2013
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