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Re: aruba instant social login

No, I can't manage it to work properly 


First of all, what user 



I've added facebook domains under walled garden whitelist, and blocked everything else with "*", but in this way it's blocking everything (captive portal it's not working anymore), but not 443, so it's not useful .

Please note also that a lot of smartphones apps are using 443 to exchange data, so , for example, not only 443 website but also whatsapp is always working.


So I tried to assing a pre-auth role :

Under my SSID, section 4, restriction :

Based on roles : Allow access for every destination

Preauth role : Access Control -> any -> Deny -> Every Destination


But 443 it's always working, even if I don't authenticate ! Youtube, Google, Whatspp and so on are perfectly working, and they shouldn't.



Surely I'm doing something wrong, please help me understand what.






My firmware version is

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Re: aruba instant social login

I got the same problem. It seems the preauth role not function on facebook portal