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can't ping IAP


i have a cluster of around 67 IAP. I'm able to ping the virtual controller but i connot ping each APs individually.

Can anyone help me with the issue please???



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Re: can't ping IAP

Are you pinging from the second subnet?
Is it a wired or wireless client?

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Re: can't ping IAP


it's a wire client.

all IAPs and the virtual controller are in the same subnet.

Re: can't ping IAP

Can you share a show tech so we better know IP addressing gateway scheme used. Also provide IP of the wired client.

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Re: can't ping IAP


the client ip is


here is the show tech of the virtual controller :


Name :instant-CA:F9:F4
System Location :
Domain :FR
VC IP Address :
VC Mask :
VC Gateway :
Content Filtering :disable
Terminal Access :enable
Telnet Server :disable
Organization :
Airwave Server :
Airwave Backup Server:
Airwave Prov Backup :
Number of VC transition :0
Airwave Shared Key :27789f3a1b446001ae4a722738b93ea9
Airwave Config Via :DHCP
Airwave :Not Set Up
Aruba Central Server :
Aruba Central :Not Set Up
Managed Via :Local
Syslog Server :
Syslog Level :warn
Band :all
Master IP Address *:
IP Address :
Netmask :
Gateway :
NameServer :
Master Key :9cd53758011793bc1081ca03ba84e6095e7751f26421b784ce
Elected Time :1d:20h:20m:18s
Dynamic Radius Proxy :disable
Dynamic Tacacs Proxy :disable
NTP Server :
Configuration Dirty :disable
Allow New APs :enable
Classification :disable
Wireless Containment :disable
Wired Containment :disable
Wired Containment AP Adjacent MAC :disable
Wired Containment Suspect L3 Rogue :disable
Rogue Containment :disable
LED Off :disable
AppRF Visibility :none
URL Visibility :disable
WebCC Visibility :disable
Image Server State :error
Image Server Message :payload_empty
New Image Version :
New Image URL :
Factory SSID :instant
Image Sync Via :Master
Client Alerts :0
Active Faults :1
Fault History :16
Usb Support :NO
Serial Number :CU0157414
OpenDNS Status :Not connected
TFTP Dump Server :
Extended SSID :enable
Config Sync Status :TRUE
VPN Status :Not Set Up
Mobility Acccess Switch Integration :disable
Deny inter user bridging :disable
Deny local routing :disable
Support Connection Status :Not Connected
Dynamic CPU Management:auto
Restrict Corporate Access:disable
Site Local IP Address:--
Link Local IP Address:fe80::96b4:fff:fec4:a03a




when i'm trying a show tech on one seleted IAP here is the output :

4/14/2017 9:09:45 AM Target: AP_10e4_ Command: show tech-support
Internal Error, Please Retry




and this is all the iaps i have in my cluster : 


67 Access Points
MAC IP Address Name Clients Need Antenna Config
--- ---------- ---- ------- -------------------
94:b4:0f:c4:a0:3a AP_10e_1 1 No
94:b4:0f:c4:90:bc AP_8e_2 2 No
94:b4:0f:c4:91:d2 AP_12e_3 0 No
94:b4:0f:c4:9c:a8 AP_8e_1 0 No
94:b4:0f:c4:9d:76 AP_5e_2 0 No
94:b4:0f:c4:9d:0c AP_12e_2 0 No
94:b4:0f:c4:a0:12 AP_4e_2 1 No
94:b4:0f:c4:9c:5a AP_7e_1 0 No
18:64:72:ca:f9:56 AP_1e_2 4 No
94:b4:0f:c4:9c:f2 AP_13e_3 0 No
94:b4:0f:c4:9c:ee AP_13e_5 0 No
94:b4:0f:c4:9c:1e AP_11e_5 3 No
94:b4:0f:c4:9c:2e AP_8e_5 1 No
94:b4:0f:c4:9e:46 AP_6e_5 0 No
18:64:72:ca:f9:1e AP_RDC_4 11 No
94:b4:0f:c4:9e:4c AP_6e_6 1 No
94:b4:0f:c4:9d:90 AP_7e_5 0 No
18:64:72:ca:f9:58 AP_1e_3 6 No
94:b4:0f:c4:9f:ee AP_10e_3 0 No
94:b4:0f:c4:9d:6e AP_4e_5 1 No
94:b4:0f:c4:a0:46 AP_7e_3 2 No
94:b4:0f:c4:9f:9a AP_9e_1 0 No
94:b4:0f:c4:9d:de AP_5e_5 1 No
94:b4:0f:c4:9e:3e AP_6e_2 0 No
18:64:72:ca:f9:32 AP_1e_1 7 No
94:b4:0f:c4:9e:6e AP_6e_1 0 No
94:b4:0f:c4:9c:34 AP_5e_6 0 No
94:b4:0f:c4:a0:26 AP_10e_6 0 No
94:b4:0f:c4:9d:9e AP_4e_4 2 No
b4:5d:50:ca:60:76 AP_14e6 1 No
b4:5d:50:ca:5f:e6 AP_3e_6 3 No
94:b4:0f:c4:9c:04 AP_13e_2 0 No
94:b4:0f:c4:a0:22 AP_11e_3 2 No
94:b4:0f:c4:93:1e AP_11e_1 0 No
94:b4:0f:c4:a0:4e AP_11e_2 2 No
b4:5d:50:ca:5c:fa AP_3e_5 0 No
94:b4:0f:c4:9c:dc AP_12e_5 0 No
94:b4:0f:c4:9d:5e AP_5e_3 2 No
94:b4:0f:c4:a0:04 AP_10e4_ 2 No
94:b4:0f:c4:9d:b6 AP_4e_1 3 No
94:b4:0f:c4:9c:c6 AP_8e_4 3 No
ac:a3:1e:c0:36:9e AP_3e_3 7 No
94:b4:0f:c4:9b:7a AP_13e_1 3 No
94:b4:0f:c4:9c:b4 AP_13e_4 0 No
94:b4:0f:c4:9c:4c AP_7e_6 0 No
94:b4:0f:c4:9c:52 AP_5e_1 0 No
94:b4:0f:c4:9e:28 AP_7e_4 5 No
94:b4:0f:c4:a0:48 AP_7e_2 5 No
94:b4:0f:c4:9f:d8 AP_8e_6 0 No
18:64:72:ca:f9:42 AP_RDC_3 4 No
18:64:72:ca:f8:ec AP_RDC_1 3 No
18:64:72:ca:f8:ca AP_RDC_2 7 No
94:b4:0f:c4:a0:1a AP_9e_2 0 No
18:64:72:ca:f9:28 AP_2e_1 2 No
18:64:72:ca:f8:04 AP_2e_3 0 No
94:b4:0f:c4:9e:82 AP_6e_3 0 No
94:b4:0f:c4:9c:ae AP_12e_6 0 No
94:b4:0f:c4:8e:c2 AP_9e_4 0 No
94:b4:0f:c4:a0:3c AP_11e_6 3 No
94:b4:0f:c4:9c:bc AP_10e_2 0 No
94:b4:0f:c4:9e:40 AP_6e_4 2 No
94:b4:0f:c4:a0:44 AP_11e_4 2 No
94:b4:0f:c4:9f:ce AP_9e_5 2 No
94:b4:0f:c4:9c:96 AP_12e_1 0 No
94:b4:0f:c4:a0:14 AP_10e_5 0 No
94:b4:0f:c4:9b:ae AP_12e_4 3 No
94:b4:0f:c4:92:f2 AP_13e_6 0 No
Restricted Management Access Subnets


thank you for your help!!!




Re: can't ping IAP

1. Show tech from master IAP would be best attached as its huge. i think you got the show summary. show tech would have given more details e.g. software version, or any funny logs.


2. From the shared information:

VC IP Address :

VC Mask :
VC Gateway :

Master IP Address *:
IP Address :
Netmask :
Gateway :
NameServer :


So you are able to ping but not, from a PC in another subnet.


Assuming this is the native / untagged VLAN (share VLAN number) on the ports leading to IAPs. Can you:


a) make sure mask & gateway info is consistent on all devices.

b) ping from gateway to

c) does SSH work to .253 and .101, from the network?

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