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Re: can you terminate Instant clusters on the VC address

Here are the parts pertinent to the GRE tunnels.

(I've also left the captive-portal bits in in case whomever finds this artifact later might find that part useful)


The interesting bit is the "gre per-ap-tunnel" and the "ip dhcp guest = server-type Centralized,L2"


        gre per-ap-tunnel
        gre primary
        gre type 0
        mgmt-auth-server CLEARPASS
        name <VC name>
        virtual-controller-ip <VC IP>
        wlan access-rule guestW
          rule any any match any any any permit
        wlan auth-server CLEARPASS
          acctport 1813
          cppm-rfc3576-port 5999
          ip <clearpass IP>
          nas-ip <VC IP>
          port 1812
        wlan captive-portal
          background-color 13421772
          banner-color 16777215
          banner-text "WinCo Foods Guest Network"
          terms-of-use "This network is not secure, and use is at your own risk"
          use-policy "Logging in as a registered user indicated that you have read, or at least agree to our Acceptable Use Policy"
        ip dhcp guest
          server-type Centralized,L2
          server-vlan 100

        wlan ssid-profile guestW
          auth-server CLEARPASS
          captive-portal internal
          essid guestW
          type guest
          vlan 100



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Re: can you terminate Instant clusters on the VC address

Yup. That's it then. The GRE command

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