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change controller ip on controller and airwave

Hi all,


our 7200 series controller (master/standby) currently has 2 vrrp ips on 2 different subnets/vlans (both routed)

airwave (monitor only) is connected to the, lets call it "old" vrrp-ip

our goal is to remove the old vrrp ip together with the vlan, without adding a "new" device to airwave.

airwave ip and "old" controller ip are in the same subnet (vlan)


what i already did:

added second vrrp-ip on new vlan

changed the default gateway to the new vrrp-ip network.

changed the aruba-master dns-entry to the new vrrp-ip (all APs are using new VRRP already)

added the new vrrp-ip to our radius-server for client-auth


my questions are:

how to remove the vlan without having to add the device to airwave again?

we have a visualRF with 120 aps on that controller, i dont want to place them again....

is there anything else i should be aware of, before removing the vlan with the main ips?




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Re: change controller ip on controller and airwave

- change the ip address of the device in Airwave, and it should poll the new ip address without problems

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Re: change controller ip on controller and airwave

Hey Joseph,


thanks for the reply, but i cannot find the option to change the ip in airwave.

the device is in "monitor only + firmwareupdates" mode in airwave.




Re: change controller ip on controller and airwave

In Airwave go to AP / Devices, select the folder that  your controller is in. Click on your controller then select the manage tab. You can then change the IP:


2016-06-28 11_49_26- - Remote Desktop Connection Manager v2.2.jpg

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Re: change controller ip on controller and airwave

thanks all.

works like a charm!

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