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how much clients are supported on IAP 325 and IAP 225

I am  planning to  replace  my  campus WiFi  from  Aruba IAP solution ,  currently  IAP  225  and 325 are part of R&D.

I want  to serve   atleast 2000 concurrent  users by   28 APs (24 indoors  and  4  outdoors)  , can  aruba IAP  solution  full fill  such  requirement  ? practically ? (i know  255 users per  radio not  interested  in this answer).

i havent found  much  details about IAP-325 as its newly  launched  ,can  we trust  on 325  ?

i have seen  140  users on ruckus 7372 with default settings (not  band steering enabled  ,no channel  fly enabled) .

Can  we  assume that SINGLE  IAP-325 CAN CATER 300 USERS PRACTICALLY OR  NOT  ?????

any  one  having practical  experience on  this   

can we say  that  ruckus  is a high  density  solution  and aruba  is a  solution  where more fetures are required  ?  

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Re: how much clients are supported on IAP 325 and IAP 225

We routinely see over 100 users per access point (AP225) in places like libraries and other large gatherings.  The 325 is newer and can support 802.11ac wave 2 clients on top of the AP225s performance.  

The key to large numbers of users is the applications they use.  Web browsing and Email are fairly well-behaved applications that work in congested environments.  Bandwidth and delay-sensitive applications like VOIP have more requirements and fewer of those calls can actually occur on a heavily-loaded AP, than a user who is using the web or email.


Long story short:  The application decides how many users can be supported on an access point.  From an RF, performance and Physics standpoint, for users to receive more throughput, fewer users will need to be on an access point because bandwidth is shared.  So you can have 2000 people on 28 access points (that would be like 72/access point), but each person's bandwidth will be shared with 71 other people on the same access point, that is before factoring any interference (hello outdoors) that will undoubtedly bring the throughput down.  If you have users streaming video, or needing to do anything that requires good bandwidth, you should improve the performance by adding extra access points.  That is the story for all WLAN manufacturers.


We have a high density validated reference guide here; that mentions how to plan for high density.

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Re: how much clients are supported on IAP 325 and IAP 225

can  you share any  case study  of IAP-325 ? or any  deployment