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password recovery on RAP 3

Hi everyone!


I have a big problem on my RAP3, I can't reset the access point  (instant mode) by the push button, the RAP reboot but don't reset...

I want to reset it because I don't have any access to the webui because I can't find the login/password.

I saw that on CLI there is the login/password : password/forgetme! but, as you know, there isn't CLI interface on this RAP so...


Someone knows a way to reset the password ?

Thanks guys!

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Re: password recovery on RAP 3


Sometimes this could a pain in the .... 


What I usually do is that when I start to press the reset button I remove the power from the RAP3 while pressing the reset button then put the power back and keep pressing the reset button for at least 5/7 seconds.


Also make sure that you don't have the RAP3-A you are trying to reset connected to the same IP segment you have another RAP3-B configured otherwise it will get the config from that one.

Thank you

Victor Fabian
Lead Mobility Architect @WEI
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