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snmp trap wlsxNAccessPointIsDown

Hello support community, we have some aruba controllers, and we are sending the snmp traps to a snmp server, when an AP goes down, its send the MAC Address of the AP, we want to get the NAME of the AP. is that possible?

for ex:

before: 19/06/18 15:37:46 CUSTOMER A8 BD 27 CD 06 88 wlsxNAccessPointIsDown

after: 19/06/18 15:37:46 CUSTOMER AP_01_HQ_SOUTH wlsxNAccessPointIsDown

Thanks in advance.

Re: snmp trap wlsxNAccessPointIsDown

the answer is no, you will need to correlate the mac addresses back to AP names yourself. This can be done by merging the results of show commands (show ap database long) or snmp walks on other OIDs to get AP mac to AP name mappings (such as wlsxWlanAPTable)


The main reason for this is that APs are unique by their mac address not their name (you cant operationally have 2 aps with a duplicated name, but you can actually create them).


Having said that, it would be convenient if the ap-name and maybe ap-roup was in the trap, but alas it's been like that forever.





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